New York improv team: Baxter


Webster's dictionary defines "Baxter" as "To view this definition, please sign up for a 14-day free trial!" But can Baxter really ever be defined? Baxter has been breaking boundaries, removing labels, and redefining what it means to define things for over part of a century. Forged in the bowels of Hades by an angry and vengeful demigod (known to humans as Mario Lopez), Baxter is a four-piece vocal harmony group that has recently decided to add members and become a comedy team instead. But Baxter is more than just its "members" or its "improvisational performance art" or even the "international maritime laws" that it has "broken." Baxter is a way of life, a time, a place, an emotion. Baxter is the feeling you get when you accidentally lock your hyena in your car; or the feeling you get when you purposefully lock your hyena in your car and ask yourself why you ever bought a live hyena. Baxter is the hyena in the car. Hey, Baxter is even the car. I know, right? When has an improv team ever been a car before, huh? Take that, Monkeydick. Baxter has refined it's freewheeling attitude and drunken monkey style martial arts with coach Jessie Jolles, and -- until its members achieve spiritual enlightenment and reject corporeal form -- can be seen performing regularly at any venue that will have them. Rumor has it they have a monthly show 2nd Saturdays at 9 at Triple Crown, and that attending can cure malaria, or if you don't have malaria, can cause malaria.